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dolby digital plus for lava iris x1

*download heredolby digital
*flash it from cwm recovery !!!
iam not resoponsible for your mobile. take your own risk,
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[Tools, Tips & Tutorials] Fix Camera, Video Recording and Games Lag by Disabling Thermal Engine

Since many users have problems with laggy on Redmi Note 4G, so i make this tutorial for disabling thermal engine for maximal performance on Redmi Note 3G/4G.
For my research about Thermal Engine in Redmi Note 4G. it may decrease max CPU Frequency to 300mhz when CPU Temperature reached to 60C, why it not throttling by thermal config ???
so for now thermal-config-8226.conf is obsolete.

I will not take responsibility for anything happen to your phone

Prerequisites for ROOTED devices:
- Rooted devices
- Any CPU freq control (SetCPU, No-frills, Device Control, Kernel Tweaks, etc)
- Root Explorer or similar apps

Step-by-step to Disabling Thermal Engine  for ROOTED devices:
1. Open Root Explorer
2. go to /system/bin
3. Rename thermal-engine to thermal-engine.bak
4. Reboot your devices
(Optional) 5. After reboot, set your CPU to 1190 Mhz to prevent overheated device or maybe lower than that if you want to have better battery life. But if you want to max cpu freq (1.5 Ghz) just …
This method worked me without using updatesif I you update lava x1 this method won't work

Requirements :-

A Pc (Xp or up)
Vroot v1.7.8
drivers (adb Drivers or install using Pdanet)
and lastly Lava iris x1 

Steps :-
1. Make your phone ready beforehand by
installing the required USB drivers for your
phone, so that when you launch VRoot it
connects with ease.
2. Enable USB Debugging.
3. Install and Run VRoot, one or two clicks, voila,
its rooted. [ Mobile restarts couple of times so don't worry]

now you see Vroot app in your app drawer 
that is it you have successfullly rooted your lava iris x1
If you want SuperSU install it from play store and it replaces vroot and you done
download now
 Without computer
Dear all Lava Iris X1 users, good news for you all, Who want root him device without PC. Ready and follow the below instructions or pictures carefully and easily :-
(1)First download Towelroot apk from here.Download Now!!!!
(2)Install and open it. 
(3)Tap continues 3 times on Welcome to Towelroot V3.…

Operating System notes Unit test for BE CSE 4th SEM (CS 6401)

THIS NOTES ONLY FOR CSE-C not for other. we will get more marks from other section. UNIT -1  UNIT-2 PPT's1. Operating systems      - Unit 1 - View / Download
     - Unit 2 - View / Download     - Notes - View / Download
all are PDF files. plz use Adobe Reader to view Document.

[PORT] [TOOL] Carliv Touch Recovery for Karbonn a25

Installation of touch recovey for karbonn a25


*Rooted device
*Mobile uncle tool

Ported recovery
Download link here...

Place to SD card(not in any folder)

Step 1open the mobile uncle tool 

Step 2: Launch Mobile Uncle Tools  >>> You will get a popup tab from SU app for root access permission >>> Now, tap on Grant for SU permission >>> Tap on Recovery Update. You will get lots of options on Mobile Uncle tools app >>> Tap on recovery update option.

Step 3:  You will see your recovery.img file with the location information  of storage on your SD Card >>> Tap on the recovery.img file that it shown >>>  Now, apply it. It will ask to you for reboot or go to recovery mode. Thats all.